Automatic Layer Battery Cages

Automatic Layer Battery Cages

Automatic Layer Battery Cages



Reverse Stair-Step Cages (Californian Type Poultry Cages)


Reverse Stair-Step Cage


Chicken Feeder

Chicken Feeder

Chicken Feeder

Features of chicken feeder produced by Tina Sanat Company:


  • Can be used for chicken from first birthday day

  • Easy bird access to feed

  • Uniform distribution of grain

  • Easy to wash

  • Special design of the edge of the feeder dish to prevent wastage

  • Can be used simultaneously for 15 chickens

  • Has a slider to prevent grain from entering the feeder dish 


Chicken Watering

Chicken Watering


Nipple drinking features

  • Fully automatic system

  • No need to refill the tank frequently

  • The herd grows evenly.

  • Fresh and clean water is constantly available to the bird.

  • It is the most hygienic method and can be easily cleaned and washed.

  • It saves a lot of water, medicine and vaccines

  • Due to the height adjustment, it can be used even for day-old chicks.

  • Drink water by Nipple with capabilities 360 degree movement in all directions makes water easily available to chickens and hens.



Chicken Manure Cleaning System

Chicken Manure Cleaning System

If you remove the chicken manure from the halls earlier, many problems that can be caused by the increase of dangerous ammonia gas caused by the accumulation of chicken manure will be solved for you, so managing the accumulated manure in the halls is a vital matter.
For this purpose, in laying hen breeding halls where chickens stay in the hall for a long time, fertilizer tape is used to collect chicken manure.

Gas Jet Heater

Gas Jet Heaterپ

Features of gas jet heater:


  • Easy maintenance

  • Can be used with city gas and liquefied petroleum gas

  • Designed for poultry farms and greenhouses

  • Has a standard mark

  • Type of gas fuel: city and liquefied gas

  • Fuel consumption: 8-12 cubic meters per hour

  • Motor power: 0.75 kW electric

  • Maximum heating capacity: 110 thousand kcal per hour

  • Use of outdoor air for combustion

  • Electrical board: IP56 digital


Diesel Jet Heater

Diesel Jet Heater


Features of diesel jet heater:

  • Easy maintenance

  • Designed for poultry farms

  • Low fuel consumption (100% efficiency)

  • Has IP54 digital board

  • It has a thermostat on the boiler

  • Has an indoor thermostat

  • Danfoss Electric Eye

  • Has a powerful fan

  • Fuel type: diesel

  • Consumption: 1 to 8 litr per hour

  • Electric motor power: 0.75 kW

  • Fuel pump : 60 liters

  • Fuel nozzle : 80 degrees

  • Heater weight: 65 kg

Exhausted Diesel Jet Heater

Exhausted Diesel Jet Heater

Features of diesel heater with exhaust :

  • Fresh and clean air without pollution

  • Maximum thermal power : 100 k  kcal per hour

  • 60 liter fuel pump

  • Fuel consumption : 9 to 12 liters per hour

  • IP56 digital board

  • Steel boiler

  • Galvanized body with furnace paint coating


Air Inlets Valve

Air Inlets Valve


Poultry inlet valve specifications:

  • The inlet spring is hidden to protect against moisture and dirt

  • Used a flat spiral spring that reduces pressure on the gearbox engine and increases life.

  • The inlet door is aerodynamically designed to direct airflow to the highest points of the hall.

  • By opening the inlet valve,more than 70% air flows under the inlet door that is very effective in summer to cool the birds and prevent the sides of the hall wall from getting wet.

  • Without the smallest orifice that provide minimal ventilation in the best way.

  • Fully insulated against outside air

  • The material used in the construction of the inlet valve is ABS window, which is very strong against impact and resistant to bending and abrasion

  • the inlet valve is designed  base on the vortex phenomenon in air conditioning, which causes the static air to flow over the hall.






Negative effects of not using sprinkler in poultry houses:

  • The effect of low humidity on poultry growth

  • Reduction of eggs in mother flocks

  • Dehydration of chickens (dehydration)

  • growth decrease, production reduction  and thus reduced profits

  • Increased body temperature of the bird and panting in hot seasons

  • Creating dry air in the halls cold seasons

  • Temperature shock and restlessness (as a result of which the bird becomes aggressive and may develop complications such as cannibalism). 



Cellulose Pads (Cooling Pads)


Cellulose Pads (Cooling Pads)

Cellulose Pads (Cooling Pads)

Features of cooling pad offered by Tina Sanat Company:

  • Stability and no drop in height due to its regular and strong structure

  • Easy to install, wash and maintain

  • No transfer of harmful respiratory bacteria from the air to the cooling space

  • Less power consumption due to low pressure drop in wet mode

  • Higher wettability and water absorption due to better raw materials in its structure

  • Lower sedimentation rate due to constant water movement

  • reducing dust entry due to multiple layers structure

  • Ability to provide in different dimensions and thicknesses

  • Shelf life 3 to 5 times longer than straw

  • 30% cooler during the hot season


Ventilation Fans



Technical specifications of ventilator (ventilation fan) :

  • Damper with clutch

  • Steel butterfly

  • Galvanized body

  • Motor : (1/1 kW) 1400 rounds with a discharge capacity of 44000 cubic meters

  • belt stiffener  to prevent engine wastage



Poultry Automation

Poultry Automation


Technical specifications of intelligent poultry control system:

  • It has 4 temperature sensors

  • Contains 1 moisture sensor

  • Has air flow velocity control sensor 2 pcs

  • 7-inch color HMI screen

  • Inlet control motor

  • Ability to recognize the seasons



Mother hen Nest

Chicken Nest


Features of mother hen nest:

  • Egg collection strip material from pp

  • Ability to collect eggs without shaking the egg collection strip

  • Ability to control the speed of the egg collection strip

  • Dimensions of plastic slate: 60 * 120 and 60 * 100

  • Slate made of pp with excellent quality

  • Variety of slate colors and offer in different colors including white, black, gray

  • Simple and immediate installation

  • Install the system without the need for welding

  • Reduce the percentage of broken eggs



Drug Injection System

Drug Injection System

Drug Injection System


Advantages of using the drug injection system:

  • without need to use a water source

  • Uniform bird access to medicine

  • Preserving the properties and increasing the shelf life of the drug

  • Prevents fouling and clogging of drinking lines and nipples

  • Easy to wash

  • Reduce drug use and prevent wastage

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

Technical specifications of drug injection system:

  • Ability to transfer 36,000 liters of water per day

  • Ability to operate at different water pressures up to 6 times

  • Ability to distribute the drug in doses of 0.1 to 20 liters per thousand liters of water

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

Components of the drug injection system:

  • Drug Injection Pump: Entering the required dose of drug into drinking lines

  • Pressure breaker and pressure gauge: water pressure regulator

  • Water filter : Purifier of water entering the system

  • Water Counter : Measures the amount of water consumption

  • Three-way valve : system washer