Cellulose Pads (Cooling Pads)


Cellulose Pads (Cooling Pads)


Cellulose Pads (Cooling Pads)


Features of cooling pad offered by Tina Sanat Company:

  • Stability and no drop in height due to its regular and strong structure

  • Easy to install, wash and maintain

  • No transfer of harmful respiratory bacteria from the air to the cooling space

  • Less power consumption due to low pressure drop in wet mode

  • Higher wettability and water absorption due to better raw materials in its structure

  • Lower sedimentation rate due to constant water movement

  • reducing dust entry due to multiple layers structure

  • Ability to provide in different dimensions and thicknesses

  • Shelf life 3 to 5 times longer than straw

  • 30% cooler during the hot season