Air Inlets Valve

Air Inlets Valve


Poultry inlet valve specifications:

  • The inlet spring is hidden to protect against moisture and dirt

  • Used a flat spiral spring that reduces pressure on the gearbox engine and increases life.

  • The inlet door is aerodynamically designed to direct airflow to the highest points of the hall.

  • By opening the inlet valve,more than 70% air flows under the inlet door that is very effective in summer to cool the birds and prevent the sides of the hall wall from getting wet.

  • Without the smallest orifice that provide minimal ventilation in the best way.

  • Fully insulated against outside air

  • The material used in the construction of the inlet valve is ABS window, which is very strong against impact and resistant to bending and abrasion

  • the inlet valve is designed  base on the vortex phenomenon in air conditioning, which causes the static air to flow over the hall.