• Equipped with PLC and HMI

  • Has a digital weight display

  • All tanks and valves are equipped with sensors

  • Easy to usage and training for the operator

  • Prevent possible errors and increase factory efficiency

  • Ability to report the amount and description of production done

  • ability to graphically display the production line and errors

  • Electrical switchboard system equipped with thermal switch and safety equipment to prevent damage to motors

  • Intelligent control of fall rate in batching and weighing

  • Ultra-comfortable calibration and fully digital weighing filtering

  • Ability to compile statistics by date in Exel format with the ability to transfer to Flash memory

  • Ability to install printers

  • displaying weighing In the form of magnification

  • Selecting system operating language, Persian, English, etc.

  • Quick access of the operator to the timers and their quick change at the same time

  • Networking capability

  • ability to troubleshoot the PLC system remotely via the Internet